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Rule Britannia – Le Temps Hors Série Mode – Avril 2014

The spring-summer 2014 special fashion edition of Le Temps is out today with my piece on London's trends... And three New York moments companion piece on 

The spring-summer 2014 special fashion edition of Le Temps is out today with my piece on London’s trends analyzing the cultural heritage of the “empire on which the sun never sets”… And three New York moments companion piece on / Décryptage de “l’héritage culturel de cet ‘empire sur lequel le soleil ne se couche jamais’, s’étendant autant dans l’espace que dans le temps, à la manière de Docteur Who […]” dans le hors-série mode du quotidien suisse Le Temps, et article compagnon sur trois temps forts new-yorkais sur


Lash Magazine – The Flamboyant Issue

“The right shoes, the right shirt, the right hair. Come a new season and what was seen and done needs to be unseen and cast aside. What was an ‘it’  is now little more than flotsam in bloated cupboards. The rules are innumerable and in the glossy pages of magazines, what once was a smorgasbord of choice has devolved into a beige universe of minimalist schadenfreude, and a desire to create need. Can there still be fresh creation, or has our visual glossary run its course? Fashion journalists, I was once told, were nothing more than mouth-pieces for big money to make even bigger money by peddling unneeded gear to the weak and willing.

But in reality, what other function has fashion and its press today but to give us a one-way ticket towards the imaginary universes, and to the alternative realities that spring forth when we slip into these heels or shrug on that coat? Few of us in the industry would be here without the inspirational power of fashion’s tales. It isn’t about being “not naked”, it is about expressing self through a little fabric and thread glued together with a whole lot of attitude. In truth, the price tag or the brand matter little; what is essential is what is being portrayed, the mood, the dream, the vision.

Our work is not to fall into step with the world but offer the tempting antidote to conformist and the all-too sponsored glamorama that is mainstream fashion today. Those we spoke to reflect the very flamboyance that lights the path forward in an industry whose lifeblood is unfettered creativity. Not the tally of a shopping expedition, our pages reflect a desire to create the kind of imagery that can – or rather needs – to be ripped out and pinned to a personal mood board. Flamboyance is not about being snapped to death in every street-style blog, it is about – as many of those pictures do – providing an inspirational path for others. Not to follow but to create their own, just as we are embarking on this thrilling, terrifying adventure, which we hope you’ll be happy to board not just for one stop but for the long haul.”

~ Nikky Chicanot (Creative Director) & Lily Templeton (Editor-in-Chief)

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Issey Miyake Fall 2014

Issey Miyake Fall 2014, Nowfashion

Issey Miyake Fall 2014

On the technical level, there is more to the clothes at Issey Miyake than meets the eye. It isn’t so much showing something for the season to come as validating concepts for the future. Such was Mr Miyke’s creed, and so continue to proceed his acolytes. The notes give the cut-and-dried science of it, and then the clothes bring the magical shazam that makes the previous information almost moot. Read the full review on »

Christmas 2013 guide Charlotte Olympia

Nowfashion’s guide to a fashionable Christmas

Christmas 2013 guide Charlotte Olympia

Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are so last season now, it’s time to gear up for the next round of events: Christmas is right around the corner! Another opportunity to gobble up some turkey, deck your halls (and yourselves) in holly and your best sparkly outfits, and digest just in time to ring in the new year with a glass of bubbly. But if you’re anything like us, you’re still at the point where your holiday shopping is yet to start. Friends and family are easy to take care of, but if you really want to score some brownie points for 2014, here is our handy guide on what to get for your fashionista crowd.

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