Lily Templeton, fashion writer

The woman with a keyboard and a curiosity like a small gauge sieve, exploring the world one question at the time. Skills include copy-writing, editorials, translations in French and English, as well as the occasional still-life styling and photo editorial concept.

A true representative of the “Slasher” generation, Lily Templeton is a fashion journalist who spent her childhood between the US, the UK and France, and spent her summers traveling the world with her parents. After completing her engineering degree, she cultivated her secret garden of journalism and fashion through various outlets and began a career in consulting.

A chance meeting during an interview gave her the opportunity to take her first steps in the fashion industry in 2005.
In 2008, she created Mademoiselle à Paris, a website dedicated to fashion and luxury, before being recruited by NOWFASHION’s editorial team in 2012 and Designare in 2013, both under the direction of Jessica Michault. In December 2013, she became Editor-in-Chief of the quarterly Lash Magazine, in addition to her previous roles.

Called upon by brands and designers to contribute on projects around brand image, creative strategy and multichannel communication, Lily surprises by her out-of-the-box approach and her sharp, witty voice, and is now collaborating with institutions such as Maison du Prêt-à-Porter, the Silmo optical tradeshow, the Kiev Fashion Institute or the IFA fashion school in Paris. She is also part of the jury of several fashion institutions, among which schools Chardon-Savard, Paris College of Arts or the Talents de Mode competition.